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Management, maintenance and maintenance of paper making machinery


  1, equipment management - prevention

  The paper industry depends on its technology to decide that the equipment cluster and the monomer are large, and the degree of automation is higher. Therefore, once the damage is often huge, many enterprises try to avoid losses caused by major problems and uncontrollable problems. Mechanism design is constantly changing and improving, such as fixed inspection, spot check and so on, which is largely controlled.

  On this basis, advanced equipment detection means play an important role. The successful fault diagnosis, especially the diagnosis which can report the fault in advance, will produce obvious benefit. This benefit is very considerable in special circumstances. Secondly, the fault diagnosis technology can play a great auxiliary role in the maintenance of equipment. It not only saves human resources greatly, but also changes the way of maintenance. It will gradually replace the planned maintenance mode by the advanced condition based maintenance, and even will have a positive impact on the management of spare parts. Therefore, on the basis of user cooperation platform, the US Jia Hua international company constantly integrates and improves existing resources and means, so as to really help users control costs and improve overall efficiency.

  2, equipment management, timely maintenance, repair and recycling

  Due to the influence of the operation law of production technology and equipment, the sudden problem occurs and is difficult to control. Therefore, the timely maintenance of the post will play a vital role in reducing the loss. At the same time, due to the continuous upgrading of investment in automation and high-speed equipment, the production cost of unit products is decreasing, but the cost of equipment maintenance is increasing. Many enterprises tend to pay attention to the reduction of manufacturing costs and ignore the maintenance costs of 5% to 15% of the cost of production. At the same time, many companies are seeking ways to reduce the maintenance cost, only pays attention to the unpredictable and uncontrollable sudden failure, while ignoring the common problem in the system operation of the whole equipment, effective control on the conventional consumption problem can not only reduce the maintenance fees amount, improve the efficiency of production equipment and large the reduced risk of major problems, realize the maximization of equipment efficiency and cost control. The United States Jiahua international has global technology, products and other related resources integration platform. At present, we have such technology and products as equipment inspection, equipment maintenance, energy saving, environmental protection and other technologies. These technologies and products have played an important role in helping users achieve energy optimization, such as energy saving, environmental protection, cost control and other resources, helping them achieve hundreds of millions of economic and significant social benefits.